5 Tips for A Freelancer Resume

A resume or a CV is the face of a job applicant when he or she appears in an interview. A resume should contain a compact and structured summary of all the necessary information that a prospective employer might be seeking in the candidate. A resume is what separates the essence of a job applicant from another and heavily influences whether the applicant is perfectly suitable for the job.


Innumerable resume examples are available online to get a clear-cut idea of how to prepare a resume of your own. If you are a freelancer, you might have special needs and certain things cannot be missed while compiling a resume for a freelancer.

●      Opening statement

An introduction is the essential requirement of any professional event that you would be a part of. And when it comes to a CV, it’s vital that the opening statement makes a convincing and robust move towards the purpose of your document. An opening statement should approximately be covered in 100 words, containing an overview of who you are and a general outline of the entire resume.

●      Educational qualifications and employment history

A summary of your educational background followed by any work history if any should then follow up in your resume. Begin from your current workplace and go reverse-chronologically for your job experience. Enlist your skills along with designations and duration of service.

●      Personal attributes or accomplishments

This is the right place to include your strengths as a freelancer. When it comes to freelancing, this is the part where you can showcase most of your creativity. Mention your niche of work and key skills that give you an advantage in the particular genre. You can also include your previous accomplishments in freelancing as well as your soft skills that make you suitable for the career opportunity.

●      Contact details

Make sure that you include all your functioning contact details such as cell phone number, email, residential or postal address. Avoid entering your contact details in the footer of your document. However, if at all, there is a situation where you have to enter the details in the footer, make sure that you also mention the information in the main structure of your resume.

●      References

As easy as it might look, obtaining a career option while freelancing might as well be tasking if you don’t have a reliable backup. For this reason, you need to pick out a minimum of two to three people who you’ve worked with before. Make sure that you include their names, designations, and contact details for any required verification.


A resume is all about how well you present the document. And that will only be possible if it is properly compiled and edited to cancel out all unnecessary data and glitches. Make sure that you keep the format standard and minimal to keep the focus intact on the purpose of a resume.


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