Beating being Broke at College

College students are on the tightest budget of anyone their age. The crippling debt of student loans can weigh heavily on a student’s mind and even impact their academics negatively. Saving money and earning money in college might seem impossible with a class load and social activities but there are a few options that can help with both.


There are many coupons available for students and even places that give a large student discount. If you are going to a store that is part of a large corporation like Foot Locker then you can find coupons on Groupon for these and many other stores. Coupons can mean the difference between going out to eat and staying in and having to cook. Make sure to scour the internet for the best available coupons that are out there.

Work a Restaurant or Bar Job

Besides the money that you will make, you will be inducted into the service industry crowd. This means drinks might be on the house when you are out if you have taken care of the bartender at your place of employment. There are also discounts for the service industry at certain places and all you have to do is show a paystub. And one of the best perks? Free or discounted meals at the place you’re working. Free food and free drinks are nothing to frown at as many college students spend a bulk of their budget on these things. (And guaranteed- restaurant/bar food beats the dining hall).

Buy In Bulk

Cooking at home can help a college student save a large amount of money especially when the food is bought in bulk. Buying in bulk and splitting the bill with roommates is the most efficient way to do this. Getting a membership to Sam’s Club or another bulk retailer will be worth it.

College and actually having money don’t have to be exclusive of each other. Chipping away at your loans and having walking around money can completely change your college experience. Being mindful of your expenses is a great place to start and will help you get ready for having to budget on your own in the real world. Are there any other things you can do to save or make money in college?”

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