How to Choose a Company to Work For

Are you interested in making the switch to owner operator? Like the flexibility and variety of owner operator trucking jobs but aren’t sure what company would be the best fit for you to lease with?

Happy business people in meeting

Happy business people in meeting

Start by researching your options, and then gather as much information as you can on each company. Run them through Google and see what comes up. Pay particular attention to any news stories about them.

You should also learn as much as you can about each company’s safety record. If they’re a publicly held company you can look up their financials. Obviously stay away from any company that is having financial issues, about to be acquired, or has recently filed for bankruptcy. You’ll probably want to think twice about any company that has a poor safety record or often employs drivers with multiple accidents or violations under their belts.

The many driver forums and websites available are good resources to use, as well. Reviews and opinions from fellow drivers are invaluable. They are the ones that can tell you how companies treat owner operators they work with, their turnover rates, and just how much work they really have. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions, most drivers are friendly and more than willing to help.

Once you’ve got enough information to narrow down your choices, it’s time to compare their offerings. Look at what each offers owner operators and compare that to what you need, what you want, and what you are willing to compromise on. This should help you decide which companies to apply to.

Once you’re called in for an interview, be sure to ask plenty of questions. If they seem reluctant to answer or are evasive, take that as a big red flag. Pay attention to your surroundings too. Do the terminal employees seem surly, miserable, or apathetic? Is the terminal itself in disrepair? These things do matter, so keep your eyes open.

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