Network Marketing and Recruiting Tips

Network Marketing and Recruiting is team-building, that means acquiring committed individuals with unique personalities, traits and strengths that you can develop and inspire.

Here are nine successful tips for supercharging your network marketing business when recruiting.


1) Learn to handle rejection

In order to be successful in network marketing, you are going to need a thick skin. If you are already able to handle rejection, you will have to utilize that skill in order to succeed. If not, remember that rejection is a normal and inevitable part of success.

Staying focused, remaining motivated and moving on, are keys to long-term network marketing success. Every successful person has received rejection!

Also note that people who initially reject your offer and ideas, could come back to you after considering it further, provided that you are still doing what you do.

2) Be confident

While all network marketing recruiting tips are important, you should defiantly remember this one. When you believe in your business and your network marketing offering, your confidence will shine through in everything you do, inspiring others. Maintain a friendly and confident approach physically, orally and throughout your marketing material.

People do not join a network marketing business, they join you.

3) Remember that your offer is valuable

Rather than chasing prospects and seeking sales, know that you are offering something that will improve lives and/or educate people. You are a problem-solver.

4) Build relationships

Connect with people, not numbers! Rather than chasing potential recruits, explain your offer to your prospects and allow them to make their own decisions.

In so doing, you will avoid pitching and not come across as pushy, which can put people off networking marketing deals.

5) Ask questions

Asking questions is a direct and powerful way to find out more about your prospects. Your prospects cannot help becoming emotionally invested and personally engaged when answering questions.

Try asking what they like most about products you are offering, or what they would do first if they had financial freedom. Perhaps they would be able to go on vacations or spend more time with their family?

Strong questions help you work out how your offer can best serve your prospects.

6) Invite prospects to review a free product

Add value to your offer with a free gift, which might be a DVD, an online tutorial, a magazine or any other number of items. In reviewing the product, the prospect will be engaging with your business idea and educated about it at the same time. This is a great network marketing recruiting tip to always remember.

7) Make your offer urgent

In order to close a deal, provide a solution to a problem and present an urgent call to action. This is a perfect way to show that an immediate purchase is preferable over delaying.

8) Take a team member with you

Some potential prospects are put off by the idea that they will have to work alone. You can immediately alleviate this fear, by having someone with you when you do presentations.

9) Never argue

Comments from prospects can be either overwhelmingly positive, negative and sometimes insulting. Everyone has their own viewpoint and a right to their opinion. If someone is very negative or hostile, thank them for their time and move on. Never try to prove that you are right. Your professional demeanor will speak volumes.

By putting these network marketing recruiting tips into action, you can improve your ability to build a team that is strong, lasting, mutually-supportive and on the road to collaborative success.

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