Top Tips to Help You Prevent Mold From Growing in Your Home

If you have ever dealt with mold in your lifetime then you just how stubborn it can be.Once it has appeared it seems like the impossible task to get rid of it. However, with persistence, it’s possible. The real challenge to homeowners, it seems, is keeping mold away!

If you are enjoying a mold free home and would like to keep it that way, keep reading!


Out! Out! Out!

That should be your motto when dealing with moisture in the air. For times when the humidity level is too high that it feels like you’re swimming in your own home, it’s important to keep the air flowing through your home and not to let it settle. When humid air settles in your home, the moisture soaks into your carpets and into your upholstered furniture where it becomes nothing more than a damp space in a dark area. Also known as the perfect breeding ground for mold.

When this weather comes along, open up a strategic number of doors and windows around your home, adjust your fan, and get the air flowing through. This will also help when the cool change comes later in the night and your home benefits from a refreshing, if not temporary, temperature reduction.

Waiting is Time Wasted

Imagine that you are walking to the couch to sit down and eat the snack which you just prepared. However, you just spilled a bit of water from the glass as you were walking.

Usually, you would simply place a paper towel over the area, pat it gently, and then leave it to soak up while you finished your snack. However, what is really happening is the water which you spilled is actually making its way to the root of your carpet fiber. Once it is there, it encourages mold growth in your carpet.

One of the biggest dangers with mold growing in your carpet is that it is unseen, meaning it can continue to grow unseen, leading to serious health problems within your home.

Long story short; if you spill something, clean it up immediately and thoroughly.

Be Mindful About Your Cleaning Methods

Despite the name, steam cleaning actually soaks your carpet in hot water and cleaning solution before sucking it out again. The problem is that the machine doesn’t always remove all of the water and fluid. This is why you aren’t allowed to walk on your carpets for days after a steam cleaning.

While it may remove stains, it is also a great way to encourage mold growth, simply because if all of your carpets does not dry completely, potentially because you were eager to install an item of furniture you just picked up from the Groupon Coupons page for Pier 1 and it is now covering a damp patch, mold can grow in your carpet and cause problems, just as was mentioned in the tip above.

Instead, look for a professional cleaning method which doesn’t require the use of excessive amount of water and cleaning liquid like the ION exchange cleaning method.

Keeping mold at bay isn’t an easy task, but there are many steps, just like these, which you can take to defeat it!

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