Why Don’t All Schools Require an MBA Entrance Exam?

If you are applying to an MBA or Masters in Business Administration program, you have likely heard about the MBA Entrance Exam. This exam helps schools and universities determine your skills, knowledge and potential in a standardized manner so that they can sift through tons of applications they receive every year. While most schools will require applicant to take and submit scores for the MBA Entrance Exam, there are a few schools who will waive the test, require other entrance requirements or simply not accept the MBA exam at all. Here are a few reasons as to why all schools don’t necessarily require an MBA Entrance Exam for applications or acceptances to an MBA program at a university.

MBA Entrance ExamDid you take the GREs at some point? This may work to your advantage. Some schools may accept your past GRE scores in place of the MBA entrance exam. This is rare, but may be allowed in some cases. If your GRE scores were strong, this can be an advantage to your since you don’t have you wait on test scores and you also will not have to pay additional money to sit for a new test or study for a new testing format and content. Always be sure to check with the MBA schools you are applying to first to make sure they will take your GRE scores. Sometimes they won’t take them before a certain date, so find out what the cut off is and give yourself ample time so that if you do need to retake the GREs or sit for the MBA entrance exam, you will have time to prepare, register, pay and submit scores to the MBA schools of your choice.

Other schools simply choose not to require potential students and applicant to take an entrance exam of any kind. They look at other factors to determine whom they do and do not accept into their MBA programs each year or each semester. Instead, they will likely focus on your college GPA and grades, especially those pertaining to the study of business. They will also be more interested in your application and personal essay to find out if your skills and aspirations are a good fit for their university.

A Masters in Business Administration degree through Northeastern University online or any school is a great way to jumpstart and enhance your future career in the business world. Enrolling in an MBA program will allow you to gain a quality, in depth education as well as real world experiences and long lasting connections that will absolutely help you to succeed in your career goals well into the future. When applying, there are often many application requirements schools will request to help them determine if you are a good fit for their MBA program. While most require the MBA entrance exam, not every school does for various reasons. Never assume that a school will not require the entrance exam. Always ask ahead of time and double triple check so that you are not surprised when application deadlines approach.

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