Why Learning a Foreign Language Matters For Students

College students can sometimes feel overwhelmed as they try to stay on top of their coursework and balance their extracurricular activities. Because of this, many actively avoid optional classes or out-of-classroom learning experiences that would cause them to stretch their mental capabilities. Despite these seeming obstacles, however, striving to learn a foreign language should become a top priority for many college students. Here’s why.

Language Master

Better Job Opportunities

In our increasingly global society, it seems that more and more companies wind up paying for multilingual translation for the web through a specialized team so they can reach a worldwide audience. Even relatively smaller brands are increasingly discovering a need to engage with customers who speak languages other than their own.


Even developing rudimentary skills in a foreign language can give you a big advantage when the time comes to find a job. An employee who speaks multiple languages inherently brings greater value to the company — so don’t be afraid to mention it on your resume.


Improved Learning Abilities

Learning a foreign language provides a wide range of cognitive benefits. Not only does this learning opportunity help you stay mentally sharp, but studies have found that bilingual adults tend to have better planning abilities, concentration, perception, and memory. Learning a foreign language can even help you improve in math and other school subjects.


Studying a new language stretches your mental capacities, which ultimately leaves you better equipped for new learning challenges. Foreign language study could be just what you need to give your GPA a boost!


Become More Rounded

Learning a foreign language doesn’t just help you perform better at work or in the classroom — it also leaves you better equipped for navigating our increasingly global society. Cultural understanding tends to go hand in hand with language learning.


As you learn more about a particular society or culture and its history, you become more empathetic and open to new ideas. You become more tolerant of others’ viewpoints, and are willing to learn from outside perspectives. Needless to say, when you travel to a country where you speak the language, you’ll also enjoy a richer experience, as you will be better able to connect with the people and culture.


Learning a foreign language isn’t always easy. But few skills can have a bigger impact on your life. As you increase your ability to communicate with people from around the world, you can form valuable new relationships and open yourself up to experiences you would never have discovered otherwise. Don’t miss out!

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