The advancement of technology and the different communication tools available to schools has made newspapers irrelevant and outdated. More so, this news is broadcasted via several social media platforms. Also, most students feel school news captured by tablets, mobile phones, tablets, and other means of communication is more valid.


While school newspapers may look like an old and unattractive extracurricular, in reality, having a news department is an excellent creative outlet.

Assuredly, the school’s administrators, students, and staff can benefit from having one.

You may ask how…

There are several reasons your school can benefit from having a newspaper, and some of these reasons are detailed here.

  • Want your students to convey their thoughts and impressions? Try school newspapers

Despite the fact that technology has changed how we communicate, skilled writers still need to express their opinion – a type of journalism.

With a school newspaper, school students can learn the benefits of journalism. These students can learn how to and convey their ideas, thoughts, and how they feel. Further, they can learn why it is vital to convey the right information and the importance of research.

Can you master or learn this form of journalism on Facebook or Twitter? No! But having a school newspaper creates a platform where students can learn research writing and journalism.

  • School newspaper – the perfect outlet for creativity.

Having a school newspaper club will help enhance the student’s creativity. It lets them do the following:

  • Create ideas.
  • Gives them the ability to show these ideas.
  • Teaches students critical thinking skills, and more.

Indeed, students will need all these skills in the future, especially when they come across different information outlets.

  • A means to connect students

This may sound like a cliché, but it’s true! School newspapers provide a medium where students and staff can connect with one another in unique ways. We all have different stories, but not all is told or expressed.

In every school, there are teachers, students, and administrators with fascinating stories. Consequently, sharing these stories can benefit the student body in several ways.

If your school pays a fortune to invite motivational speakers to make speeches, it is about time they stopped. Why? You may be surprised to learn that school and admins and other staff members have inspirational stories just waiting to be told.

A school newspaper is a great medium to convey these stories as it will foster staff to student relationship.

  • A gateway to the job market

Yes, the world is going global! Thus, it’s not unusual to assume that newspapers are going out of existence. But in reality, these newspapers are simply going digital.

These advancements need specialized skill sets like graphic design, digital marketing, and more.  So if schools introduce newspapers, it gives students the opportunity to explore and learn these skills (Who would have guessed?)

  • School newspaper – a means to generate funds

It is no news that news outlet help generates funds. It is no different from a school newspaper. School newspaper provides advertising opportunities for business sponsorships.

Also, it gives schools the chance to showcase the school activities that a sponsor supports. This is another effective means to promote the school in general.

  • School newspapers help fine-tune students’ career paths

Researching and writing on different niches put students on track about their future ambitions. Further, these researches give students insights of the available career paths. As such, they have to know what to expect if they choose a career path outside of journalism.

Want to start a school newspaper? It’s that easy!

At Printnewspaper.com, believe in the power of school newspapers. So to start one, all you need to do is:

  • Get a newspaper room and staff members
  • Select Your Design Software
  • Draft your printing Schedule
  • Get funds
  • Create your first newspaper
  • Print and distribute your first issue

We at Printnewspaper.com, can help you bring your newspaper to live with unique printing colors.

So start a newspaper, and your students and staff members will thank you for executing a curriculum that benefits the community and the school.


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